Work at Home Moms

work at home momsIf you’re a Work at Home Mom (WAHM) – a full or part-time mom looking for employment opportunities that enable you to work from home – you are going to LOVE our courses.

Be Your Own Boss

Why work in the search industry? Search Engine Optimizers and Search Engine Marketers often have the freedom of choice to work for an employer, work from home and/or freelance. Many SEO / SEM freelancers end up hiring workers and starting their own company due to the massive demand. This gives search engine marketing experts the work from home lifestyle that others can only dream of.

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Why Search Marketing Suits WAHMs

  • Skills can be learned quickly without any prior programming or IT knowledge.
  • You can generally set your own work hours and take on multiple clients at once.
  • The skills you acquire are portable and globally applicable.
  • Due to demand, many freelance employment opportunities are available in search marketing, across all industries.
  • The work is interesting and highly rewarding! You will make a real difference to your employer’s web site performance.
  • Employment is easy to find via freelancer sites such as
  • Search marketing projects range from small to large, with short or long term jobs to suit your schedule.
  • Work is generally carried out entirely online, with no face-to-face contact with clients required.
  • If you plan on returning to full-time work, your search marketing training should make you immediately employable.


Meet the Global Demand for Search Marketing Staff

By taking any of our search engine marketing courses, you will also be able to:

  • Learn how to attract more targeted traffic to a web site via search engine queries.
  • Learn how to increase the Return on Investment of web sites and online marketing campaigns.
  • Learn what key metrics in web site statistics provide the most important information about visitors and customers.
  • Attract a better job or higher salary with certification from an industry-recognized training institution.
  • Obtain an edge over other applicants when applying for freelance SEO/SEM positions.
  • Easily create and present web site performance reports to your employers and clients that make you look like a marketing genius.
  • Create such a thriving business that you end up hiring staff to make the money for you while you spend all your days enjoying your kids*.

* Individual results may vary 🙂


Why Study With Us?

Our online college courses take a holistic approach to web site promotion, focusing on the importance of web site design, functionality and usability as well as search engine compatibility.

Our course material consists of best practices search engine optimization methodologies, based on the very latest industry data and algorithmic changes by the search engines, in an easy to understand online format.

Our tutors are fun people to be around and learn from. We promise not to blind you with science or bore you with jargon (at least not intentionally).

We know how time-precious being a work-at-home mom can be, so we have made our courses available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer both a tutor supervised course style and self-study subscription courses for you to take at your own pace. Simply take your pick.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


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