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Web Site Usability Course

Join now What is the point of making your site compatible with search engines and optimized for your target keywords if your visitors don’t bother to stick around? Your site has to be user friendly and have site “stickiness” in order to retain visitors and… Continue reading

Web Site Usability Course Content

Join now WSU 101 Topics Studied During This Course: Lesson 1 = What is Usability? What is Usability? Why Usability? What is So Important About Usability? Lesson 2 = Web Site Requirements Gathering Business Specifications Setting Objectives Business Requirements Functional Requirements Who Are Your Web… Continue reading

Search Engine Marketing Courses

Join now Here at Search Engine College we offer a range of search engine marketing courses designed to teach you everything you need to know about successfully promoting a web site online. There are no start and stop times or set classroom times as the… Continue reading