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3 Advanced AdWords Features You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

By Kalena Jordan So you’ve been running a Google AdWords account for a while now and think you’ve got a pretty good handle on things. But are you confident that you are getting the most conversions possible? Are you using all the tips and tricks… Continue reading

Are You Over-thinking SEO?

By Kalena Jordan You might be a little shocked by the time you finish this article. You might even refuse to believe me. But I’m telling you straight: when it comes to SEO, you are almost certainly over-thinking it. Let’s take a quick poll. Are… Continue reading

Search Engine College Now Teaches in 67 Countries

By Kalena Jordan There were cheers in the staff room at Search Engine College this month, when it was announced that we now teach students in 67 different countries worldwide. The 67 country milestone was reached when a new student from Switzerland took advantage of… Continue reading

10 Free Ways to Size Up Your Online Competition

By Kalena Jordan When it comes to marketing, we all like to keep a close eye on what our competitors are doing. Competitive intelligence essentially means understanding what’s happening in the world outside your business so you can be as competitive as possible. Here are… Continue reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Domaining

By Kalena Jordan The buying and selling of domains is big business. You only need to google *domaining* to see a tsunami of information about the subject. So why is domaining so popular? You’ve probably heard stories about people selling domain names for big dollars.… Continue reading

20 Free Marketing eBooks You Need to Download Right Now

By Kalena Jordan I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit of a sucker for free downloadable PDF eBooks and White Papers. Because they are usually organized into chapter form, they tend to be meatier and contain more valuable content than blog posts and… Continue reading

13 Reasons Your AdWords Campaign Isn’t Profitable

By Kalena Jordan Did  you know that 80% of new Google AdWords advertisers fail to achieve a Return on Investment from their campaigns? I didn’t either because I just made that up. But seriously, I bet the percentage is very high.  I seem to be… Continue reading

11 Easy Ways to Build Editorial Links

By Kalena Jordan In the current post Google Hummingbird environment, webmasters are increasingly unsure how to tackle the important task of link building. Editorial links are the most desirable of all: regular links that are given freely and naturally by sites that want to link… Continue reading

Web Site Audits for SEO

By Kalena Jordan As a web site designer or SEO consultant, from time to time, you’ll need to conduct a Web Site Audit.  These are especially crucial in the following scenarios: Prior to implementing / costing a search engine optimization strategy. Prior to rolling out… Continue reading

SEO and Social Media Specialists Identified as Hot Tech Jobs for 2013

By Kalena Jordan Recruitment firms Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group have released 2013 Salary Guides this month that identify SEO / SEM Specialists and Social Media Specialists as two of the hottest technology jobs for 2013. Both positions offer strong starting salaries in… Continue reading