Business Owners

small business ownersIf you’re a webmaster or small business owner wanting to learn how to market your own web site via search engines, you will want to:

  • Learn how compatible your web site currently is with search engines.
  • Learn how to quickly make changes to your web site to make it more compatible with search engines.
  • Use industry best practices when optimizing your site to ensure it is not penalized for spamming the search engines.
  • Turn your web site investment into a tidy profit.


Let Customers Track YOU Down

By taking our search engine marketing courses, you will learn how to:

  • Pinpoint the keywords and phrases that your potential customers are using in their search engine queries.
  • Integrate these keywords and phrases into your web site pages to ensure you are more easily found in the search results.
  • Attract more qualified visitors to your site who are actively seeking your products and services.
  • Easily measure and increase the Return on Investment of your web site.
  • Learn what key metrics in your web site statistics provide the most important information about your visitors and customers.
  • Learn what improvements to make to your web site as a result of what you learn about your visitors and customers.
  • Retain more loyal customers and visitors and increase your sales/sign-ups.
  • Retire to a small island in the Caribbean as a result of your new wealth.*

* Individual results may vary 🙂


Why Study With Us?

Our online college courses take a holistic approach to web site promotion, focusing on the importance of web site design, functionality and usability as well as search engine compatibility.

Our course material consists of best practices search engine optimization methodologies, based on the very latest industry data and algorithmic changes by the search engines, in an easy to understand online format.

Our tutors are fun people to be around and learn from. We promise not to blind you with science or bore you with jargon (at least not intentionally).

We know how time-consuming running a small business can be, so we have made available both tutor supervised courses and self-study courses for you to take at your own pace.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


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