Friday, November 09, 2007

Stanford Startup Lets You Surf Blogs Geographically

I received an email today from Clayton Brown, Stanford MBA graduate for 2007 and CEO of a recently launched startup for bloggers called Verve Earth. He invited me to check out the site and spread the word if I liked it.

Similar to Google Maps, Verve plots the content of the Internet on an interactive map of the world to enable people to surf the net via a geographic interface rather than via traditional links.

Some of the things you can do on Verve include:
  • Create your personalized "Internet world" of content by adding favorites
  • Create a blog profile for your geographic region
  • Subscribe to the content that is important to you; cut out the rest
  • Surf the net geographically, check out what's hot in your city and the world
  • Share cool content with friends
Destinations are available for a range of topics - everything from mainstream websites (e.g. YouTube), cities and countries, universities, newspapers, sports teams and famous people.

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