Wednesday, November 21, 2007

AdWords Keywords Analysis Glitch Appears to be Global

Judging by the comments I received on my post Broken: AdWords Keyword Analysis Tool, it looks like the AdWords technical glitch is not limited to Australia.

An AdWords advertiser in Ireland and another in China reported that they are having the same issues as we are. The Keywords Analysis tool still shows the same results for all keywords. I'm really surprised this hasn't been reported on the official AdWords blog yet. Maybe they're waiting for more complaints.

I was not happy with the initial reply I got from AdWords support, so I wrote them another email:

Hi [name removed]

Thanks for responding to my enquiry. However this technical glitch is costing me money as I can't accurately tweak my keyword bids if I can't check the keyword quality information and I can't check if my ads are showing for my current bids.

I'm not very happy about this. Is there an ETA on getting this fixed?


Google responded with this:

Hello Kalena,

Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry you're having difficulty. Please
know that the Quality Score column displays your keyword's Quality Score to help you monitor your keyword relevance. This column is a customizable column visible via the 'Keywords' tab of your Ad Group Details page. It's disabled by default for new accounts and can be enabled at any time.

Keywords can have one of the following three Quality Score states:

-Great: The keyword is very relevant and may have a high clickthrough rate (CTR), relevant ad text, and a unique, relevant landing page. The minimum cost-per-click (CPC) bid for this keyword may be low. If you'd like to lower your costs further, you can optimize this keyword's ad group by using more targeted ad text or improving your landing page content. Otherwise, this keyword is very relevant and effective for your ad campaign.

-OK: The keyword may not be as relevant as it could be. It may have a mid-range minimum CPC bid, and while the keyword may not be very costly or extremely general, we still recommend optimization for the ad group. Optimization can lower your overall costs, draw more clicks to your ads, and result in a better return on your investment (ROI). To optimize, try using more targeted ad text and keywords or improving your landing page content.

-Poor: The keyword isn't very relevant to users, and as a result may have a very high minimum CPC bid. We recommend that you remove this keyword and replace it with a more specific keyword. If you'd like to keep advertising with this keyword, you can optimize instead. To do this, try lowering the minimum CPC bid, writing a more targeted, relevant ad, or improving your landing page content.

To see your keywords' Quality Scores within your account statistics:

-Sign in to your AdWords account at
-Select the campaign, then select the ad group for which you'd like to see keyword Quality Scores.
-Click Customize columns at the top of Keywords tab in the ad group table.

-Select Show Quality Score from the drop-down menu.
-Click Done when you're finished.

Additionally, you can create a report for minimum bids through your Reports tab. To learn how to run a report, please visit our Help Center at

Also, please know that our engineers are currently working to solve the problem and hope to reach a resolution shortly.

If you have additional questions, please visit AdWords Support at, where you'll find the answers to many of our frequently asked questions.

We look forward to providing you with the most effective advertising available.


[name removed]
The Google Australia & NZ AdWords Team

Er, thanks but I didn't really need a lesson on how to use the Keyword Analysis tool. Telling me how it works or how to implement it doesn't help me if it's broken. Duh. And creating a minimum bids report doesn't help one iota if I'm trying to determine my keyword status so I can tweak my bids.

The only sentence in that whole email that helps me is the one I've highlighted in bold. Engineers are working on the problem. Great. That makes me feel so much better. NOT! Think I'll go spend some more money at Yahoo and Microsoft AdCenter.

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