Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jennifer Plays Hide and Seek With Google

After the success of her 30 Days series, Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide has set herself a new challenge: See how well a new site can survive if it hides from Google and other big search engines.

Jennifer has built a new e-commerce site and (wait for it...) she's preventing Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask from indexing it. The point?

"Whether it's the struggle to gain strong rankings in the organic index or the razor-thin margins associated with running a paid search campaign, new business start-ups seem convinced that they can't get anywhere without Google. I'm here to tell them that they can... In fact, I'd argue that without the crutch of Google propping you up, you'll be forced to build the type of business that can ride the ups and downs of search.

I'm kicking Google (and Yahoo and Windows Live and Ask) to the curb and telling the world that you CAN build a business, increase traffic and drive sales all without the major search engines."
In lieu of major search engines, Jenn's going to be using the power of social media and viral marketing to help the site's growth. I'll be watching this one with interest.

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