Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I've Caught Bento Madness

I'm way too tired to answer an FAQ tonight, so instead let me reveal a deep dark secret about myself. I've caught Bento Madness!

You can blame Jennifer Laycock. To prove a point, she started the Bento Yum site with her Japan-based friend Abigail with the added challenge of making it a success without the four major search engines being allowed to index it. This piqued my interest and when I caught site of the whimsical Bento Kits at Bento Yum I was enthralled.

After a few days of soaking up the photos of Jenn's gorgeous lunch box creations and poring over the colorful Bento Kits for sale, I've been inspired to become a Bento genius in the hopes of coaxing my fussy toddler into eating anything that doesn't come out of an Oreos box. I mean, how could he resist the toddler Bento lunch pictured?

I've got my name on a waiting list for the cutest Bento Kits and I'm spending more time in the fruit and veg section of our local supermarket. When I go out shopping, I find myself side-tracked by craft shops and obscure little Asian shops in the hope of adding to my Bento accessory collection.

I've succumbed to the madness, as Jenn calls it, and I'm loving it.

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At 1:02 AM , The Lactivist said...

Yay!!! A convert! A convert!

Seriously, it is a madness, but it's fun.

Greg gets most of the bento lunches and the rule is that he and the kids are banished from the kitchen in the evening while I make them. It gives me some peace and quiet and a chance to be a little bit creative. It's my new hobby.

Soon you'll be amazed at how you start looking at the world through bento eyes. I've got a post coming up later this week that you will just love. Your only hint is that the candy aisle is your friend...

At 1:24 PM , Kalena Jordan said...

Uh oh! I feel the bento bug biting already...


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