Friday, April 27, 2007

Q and A: Why has my blog PageRank dropped to zero?

Dear Kalena...

I have several blogs and sites. All of them do pretty well with all search engines. Lately I have noticed that my page rank on a particular blog dropped from 4 to 0. Also no backlinks show up in Google, although they do show up on other search engines. I tried adding keywords to help. It hasn't. What is Google doing?


Kalena's Answer:

Dear Michelle

Google's not doing anything. You shouldn't take any notice of the little green PageRank bar in your Google Toolbar. It is a very inaccurate approximation of your true PageRank score, which is only known to Google. The little green bar is also anywhere from three to nine months out of date, because it only gets updated sporadically to reflect Google's current algorithm. Quite often, the toolbar gets a glitch in it and shows a zero PageRank score for every site, even Google! So just ignore it, or better still, switch it off.

A more accurate measure of how your blog is performing on Google is to check your search rankings for your target keywords. Have these changed recently? If so, that could indicate a problem. Google will never show you all your site's backlinks. Yahoo does a much better job of showing those if you're interested. If you still suspect a problem with your blog in Google, use their Webmaster Tools to verify your site and investigate potential indexing problems.

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