Friday, March 23, 2007

Grumpy Bitch

Forgive me if I've been a grumpy bitch on the blog this week, but I simply don't know how single parents cope. I've just spent a week on my own watching my 3 year old son (my husband is still in New Zealand) and despite the fact he was in day care most of the time, I'm completely shattered.

I've had 6am starts all week, there's Play Doh in my hair and if I have to watch another episode of Fifi and the Flower Tots, I'm going to go postal.

Ever been so tired that you get clumsy and start falling over things? That's me. I've broken two cups and put my son's shoes on backwards. I answered the phone today and forgot what my name was. I just can't cope on 6 hours sleep a night running a full-time business and watching a pre-schooler, but I'm guessing single parents have to do this type of thing all the time.

Thank heavens the little darling's in bed and Jerry will be back tomorrow. Time for a glass or six of crap chardonnay. Wouldn't it be funny if I began to rank on Google for Grumpy Bitch?

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