Saturday, December 16, 2006

Review: The Search Engine Marketing Glossary

[The following is a paid review for ReviewMe].

I've been asked to review Aaron Wall's Search Engine Marketing Glossary, for which I am happy to oblige.

I am constantly referring Search Engine College students to various search engine glossaries online but I'm yet to find a single one I'm impressed with. So I approach this review with my fingers crossed that this glossary will be a good one.

Here is my list of likes and dislikes about it:

  • The layout is neat and the color scheme easy on the eyes.

  • The definitions are located on the same page, saving the user additional clicks.

  • The "Feedback" section of the site includes alternative sources of information including other glossaries - Aaron is clearly not precious about his site and has put usability first. I like that.

  • Aaron welcomes feedback on the definitions and any problems with the site (e.g. broken links).

  • Where a definition includes other definitions, links are included to those as well.

  • Aaron admits personal bias in his definitions and explains some of those.

  • Most definitions are very detailed and include several references to more information.

  • There are some great definitions in there that I've not seen defined anywhere else e.g. "dayparting", "everflux" and "catch all listing".

  • There is no bookmarked list of terms being defined. You have to know the term you are looking for and scroll down until you find it.

  • A few of the definitions aren't directly search engine related at all e.g. "server" and "cgi".

  • There is no record of the number of definitions included. I would like to see a running total updated as it grows so I can compare it to other glossaries.

The verdict? Thumbs up for the Search Engine Marketing Glossary! Clearly the number of things I liked about it outweighed the number of things I didn't like. I will definitely be adding the site to our recommended student resources at Search Engine College.

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