Friday, August 18, 2006

Q and A: How do I get the right types of Google ads to come up on my site?

Dear Kalena...

How do I get the right types of Google ads to come up on my site? I am getting a lot of weather ads on my home page that have nothing to do with the content on my site.



Kalena's Answer:

Dear Bruce

You need to optimize the content of your pages so they contain more keywords and phrases related to the type of ads you want triggered. For example, if you had a page about blue suede shoes but had more text on the page talking about athlete's foot, then ads about the latter topic would be triggered.

Your home page has an article talking about warmer temperatures and then you have links to Colorado weather, so the AdWords bot has assumed your page is mostly about weather and ads have been triggered accordingly. Try to theme your articles so they are about topics you want to see reflected in your ads. Also, try to use keywords within your articles, especially in the first paragraph that is usually featured on your home page.


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