Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Danny Sullivan's Shock Departure from Search Engine Watch

What a tough week! First we lose Pluto as a planet and now we lose Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Strategies Conferences. I'm not sure which news event is having the biggest impact right now.

You read right, Danny Sullivan has announced he is leaving SEW and SES when his contract expires at the end of the year due to irreconcilable differences between himself and Incisive Media (owners of Search Engine Watch and Jupiter Media) regarding his contract renewal.

Seems Incisive Media have been holding out a holographic carrot to Danny for some time now and he's tired of chasing it. The news has got the entire search underworld gossiping about what Danny's going to do next and how this might impact the future of the industry. That's what I call influence! Here's to you, Mr Sullivan...

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