Thursday, August 25, 2005

Groovy Software for Small Business

I love it when I find new software that saves me time and energy promoting my small business. Today I found a ripper: 2ndSite. It's an online invoicing, employee timesheet, help desk and file sharing product bundled in one. And it's free!

Best of all, it plugs into QuickBooks, PayPal and 2Checkout so now when I need to bill a client, I simply refer to the client's accrued campaign hours in the staff timesheets, create an invoice in 2ndSite for billable hours and press send. The client is automatically sent an email and given a link to login, view and pay the invoice on the spot via the method that best suits them. If they don't pay, they are sent an email reminder. If they do pay, I get a notification and the payment is recorded within the system.

Clients can login anytime to review their account balance, lodge a support ticket or upload a document for our review. Our staff can prepare invoices, share files, enter hours in their timesheets, access client information, prepare and review client reports and access the support ticket area. The whole system is customized in your choice of colors and branded with your own logo.

I've been playing with 2ndSite all morning and it's already saved me hours of work. It's fully functional and free if you have 10 clients or less, but even the professional version we use is less than USD10 per month. Do yourself a favor, check it out!

Thanks go to Robert Clough for finding this gem.

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At 12:37 PM , Bishop said...

I'm just getting into 2ndsite, and digging it for sure.

It seems like it's a great solution. I've been looking at Blinksale to, but it doesn't have the depth of features, like integrated payment gateways.

I plan on trying to funnel a good bit of services into 2ndSite like hosting and domain names. Wish me the best :)

Thanks for leaving your opinions! They're encouraging.

At 1:54 PM , Kalena said...

You're very welcome. I've only found one negative aspect of the program so far and that is the inability to deal with multiple currencies. But the team at 2ndsite have helped me overcome that by splitting my clients into two accounts, one in USD and one in AUD. Can't ask for more than that!

At 2:38 PM , Chris said...

I agree Second Site is a great product, but you should look into It gives you more functionality and multiple currencies! Good luck


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