$100 Bing Ads Credit for Search Engine College Students

BingAds_Accredited_BadgeWe received great news today. Microsoft Global Search and Display has decided to extend sponsorship for Search Engine College for 2015 in the form of US $100 in free Bing Ads advertising credit for every student.

Within our Pay Per Click Advertising courses, we walk students through the process of setting up a new Bing Ads advertising account and help you to structure your campaigns to achieve the maximum conversion potential across the Yahoo Bing search network.

With the assistance of Microsoft Advertising, we can now help you apply this knowledge by working on a live advertising campaign. You can use the $100 credit to launch an actual Bing Ads campaign for your website or company, with helpful guidance along the way from our tutors.

To be eligible to receive the credit voucher, you need to be a registered Search Engine College student or subscriber, enrolled in at least 1 course.

Once you have created your student account, simply message Kalena Jordan within the course area by clicking on her name and quoting *Free Bing Ads credit please* and she will email you the voucher and instructions. To activate the credit, simply follow the instructions in the email and refer to Lessons 5 and 6 of our PPC Starter Course.

If you’re not yet a Search Engine College student, what are you waiting for? Subscribe today and receive your free USD100 Bing Ads voucher.